Life Hacks: Lipstick Edition

Nothing is capable of generating more stress than an unplanned event that suddenly pops up in your agenda.  As if getting ready in a hurry isn’t bad enough, doing it on a short notice means #BeautyCrisis. However, Finding Ferdinand will always be there to help, today with a few tips gathered from Elle Mexico’s beauty editor to get you out of trouble using just lipstick. Your Finding Ferdinand Palette will become your most valuable possession. With so many uses and color combinations, the possibilities are endless.

1. Give Your Lipstick Stamina

If lipstick is one of your must haves from 9 to 5 there is no point in wasting time and product on multiple reapplications before whatever date, dinner or GNO that could pop up after work.  A girl needs long lasting color to look flawless all night long. For this you can use a bit of talc or translucent powder.

To accomplish this, swipe on your lip color, hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust the powder over it. A small amount of powder will transfer onto the tissue locking in your color.

2. Warm Up Your Cheeks

Rosie cheeks are that extra oomph that nobody is looking for but everyone notices. To get ready in a pinch a natural look is your best option. For the perfect peachy blush you’ll need only a thin layer of Orange Flare, Au Naturel, and Pink Pizzazz.  Use your finger to blend and … Voila!



3. Accentuate Your Bone Structure

If you are a strong-before-sweet kind of girl when it comes to your cheekbones then you have probably heard of contouring -- and you are probably an expert.  To add an element of dewyness to your usual routine, try this sharp look using your FF palette.  First, create a shade of nude.  Next, use your fingers to blend the combination on the underside of your cheekbones, highlighting your face’s natural structure.



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Roberta Woodworth Poncesanchez, Contributing Editor