Trend Alert: Just Bitten Lips in 3 Steps

If you thought that the Ombré trend stopped at clothing and hair, you are completely wrong. This season’s hottest beauty must have has swept Korea and is heading west.  Brace yourself for ombre lips.  Even celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Blake Lively have been sporting the look.  Inspired by porcelain dolls and the Korean “Lolita” style, this trend is easy to accomplish in three steps with the help of your Finding Ferdinand palette.

1. Choose Two Tones

Let your imagination fly! However, if you want to wear this trend on a daily basis try to stick to two matchable tones. An easy way to tell if two colors are matchable is to analyze the temperature.  Warm colors have more yellow undertones while cool colors are backed in blue.  Warm colors will match with warm colors and cool will match with cool.  

It is also important to select one base color and one color that pops.  The base color should resemble a nude or neutral, but the pop color should be bright! 

Some suggested combinations from your FF palette are AU NATUREL + FLAMING FUCHSIA or CREAMY MAUVE + NOB HILL RED.


2. A Brush is a Girl’s Best Friend

Use your Finding Ferdinand lip brush to blend the two colors for maximum precision and minimal mess. Begin by fully applying the base color, as you normally would.  Next, use the brush to apply the pop color to only the insides of your lips.


3. Follow the Light

Once you have applied your colors all you need to do is follow the light!  Paint your entire lips with the light color and continue by applying the darker one in the middle where both lips meet and cast a shadow. Then gently blend from dark to light and the look is complete!

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Roberta Woodworth Poncesanchez, Contributing Editor