Swim Week: Let the Festivities Continue!

Miami Swim Week is quickly wrapping up, soon to become a memory. Though we may have been keeping updated with the week’s events via social media, we want the festivities to continue all summer long.  This year, the runway was filled with sweet pastels and simple patterns.  But a beach day doesn’t only call for a cute suit, it’s a requirement to stay hydrated and nourished while you’re out catching the rays.  So grab your BFF, and relax on your chaise with this BFF worthy swimsuit, lipstick, and beach treat idea!


Pinks and reds create the perfect summer combination.  And in order to embrace these colors even more, fruits in the same hues are not only appealing to the eye, but also insanely good for your health… especially if you’re at the beach.  Sometimes, drinking plain old water can get drab and boring, so instead of sipping on high-fructose filled soda, opt for refreshing coconut water! Potassium filled and electrolyte enhanced, coconut water leaves your body hydrated and fueled for your day!  Watermelon, on-the-other-hand, is a good alternative for when you’re thirsty and hungry.  Because this fruit contains roughly 90% water and absorbed with nutrients, your body will stay refreshed all day! And if you’re hungry?  No worries.  Load up on some berries.  Full of vitamin C and antioxidants, these berries will help keep your immune system happy, while providing a delicious tasting detox.  

And since this healthy body magic will not kick in right away, applying a pop of lipstick to your lips gives the illusion of a vibrant and refreshed face!  Stick with bright colors, such as oranges and pinks -- these colors are also great to help your tan look even more bronze!  By wearing pretty pastel shades of red and pink on both your body and your lips, and eating and drinking hearty and energizing foods and drinks, you’re sure to let swim week live on in style and in health.



Mix together equal amounts of Magenta Pop and Creamy Mauve for a look thats #perf for the beach!

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Amanda Kaplan, Contributing Editor