Great Escape: Spend the Afternoon in Saint-Tropez with these Beachy Looks

Excited for summer travels?  Look no further than the Finding Ferdinand Color Guide for beauty inspiration for the international jetsetter. Whether you’re shopping on the Champs-Élysées, hiking Machu Picchu or surfing in Bali, the perfect custom color for any adventure is just a few brush strokes away.


Some FF Girls may still be hard at work, while others are celebrating their first few weeks of summer freedom.  Regardless, it's time to cut loose, at least a little.  Whether you are lounging by the pool or stressing in the office, let these custom beauty looks transport you to Saint-Tropez: the dream destination for FF Girls of all ages.  From the crystal clear waters and luxurious shopping to the interesting history of art and military fortitude, you will want to spend the whole summer.  With an airline ticket fluttering over the $3000 mark, this vacation spot demands just about that long. Busy FF Girls, have no fear!  Saint-Tropez is almost as beautiful online as it is in the flesh.  Just because you're cooped up at home doesn't mean you can't get your french on with some lip couture from Finding Ferdinand.



When traveling, there is nothing better than absorbing all of the rich culture. Les Bravades, better translated to Bravado, is a celebratory parade of Saint-Tropez's historic military achievements. Now-a-days, for this celebration locals march with bands, dressed in 16th century uniforms that the brave militia men wore. Because traditional French military uniforms may not have a strong presence in your wardrobe (and if they do, kudos to you), try getting French and festive with your lips. The attire during these festivities include cherry red’s, navy blues, and crisp whites.  Since this color combination on your lips may give you too much of the wrong attention, opt for a light cherry red.  This color is perfect for the occasion, yet is still the perfect shade for an everyday patriotic look.



Add equal amounts for a festive color with just a hint of shimmer. 


Compact walkways made of worn stone, and balconies lined with fresh florals ensure a night on the town is never lacking breathtaking sights. These streets are perfect for fashion photo ops after you flash the plastic at Dior or Emilio Pucci. But after getting all glam'd up, it’s only essential that you visit on of Saint-Tropez’s chic cafes. Sénéquier, one of the most highly rated as well as a fan favorite, is the highlight cafe destination. While munching tarte tropézienne, it's a must that you're lips are subtle and sweet to compliment your creamy pastry and beachy vibes. The perfect hue for any street style look is a light nude pink.  This color is the perfect pop for your fresh Saint-Tropez tan (no, not the St. Tropez bottle tan) and haute couture look.  



Mix equal parts for a look that is ready to see and be seen. 

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Amanda Kaplan, Contributing Editor