Mother Knows Best: Beauty Tips from 3 Fabulous Moms

Mother's day is upon us!  We love our moms for an uncountable number of reasons -- just some are her unparalleled beauty tips.  Our moms helped us find our signature scent.  They taught us the importance of moisturizer.  And, of course, they bought us our first lipsticks.  Check out these three fabulous moms and their lipstick secrets.  Here's to moms' advice and feeling beautiful.  Happy Mothers Day!

1. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge

Only royalty can manage to look flawless after going through 11 hours of labor. With her luxurious blown-out hair and classic style, The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, with her now two gorgeous children, is dominating the motherhood scene. Her laid-back style can be achieved with simple, yet sophisticated pieces while her fresh face can be mastered by anyone with even the most basic makeup skills. As she cares for her youngsters, and keeps her Prince in check, her lack of sleep in being camouflaged by creamy concealer and rosey lips, the perfect shade for anyone who might be a little tired, and want to brighten their face in the morning.



In order to get Kate’s barely there pink lips, apply a couple strokes of both Creamy Mauve and Pink Pizzazz to your lips.  Start with a small amount of each in order to stay subtle like Kate did, but if you want some more oomf, feel free to keep building the color.

2. Victoria Beckham

I think a round-of-applause is in order for Victoria Beckham’s mastery of the genepool.  Just look at her children; as attractive as her soccer phenom husband and as put-together as Posh herself.  This celeb family is to fawn over (#goals).  Victoria has been dominating catwalks everywhere with her couture and ready-to-wear lines.  So it’s understandable that as she continues to share her life with the fashion world as well as her family, her go-to look is chic pant suits, dresses, and that all-business lipstick.  As her brand continues to grow, her smokey lids and to-the-point lips are the perfect look for any hard-working mom or business babe out there.   



This deep and rich color is super easy to achieve.  Start with Creamy Mauve and add bits of Cranberry and Au Naturel to the mix.  Lightly apply to your lips, building the color as you go!

3. Reese Witherspoon

You know her, you love her, and you sometimes laugh at her. This fictional Harvard Law graduate (and real-life Stanford alumni), Reese Witherspoon, is passing down not only her smarts, but also her girl-next-door charm and beauty to her three children.  After being nominated for several awards for her leading role in Wild, this Cali girl is complimenting her badassness with her cotton-candy pink smile.  Like any mother-daughter duo, this pair -- Reese and Ava -- compliment each other with their down-to-earth sweetness and hues of pink on their lips. This mother’s day, try twinning in different shades of pink with your mom, and get ready for the paparazzi to take adorable pics as well.  



This lip color is all about brightness!  Take a generous amount of Magenta Pop, Flaming Fuchsia, and Pink Pizzazz on your brush, and apply to lips entirely a few times.  Keep building the color until you achieve the right amount of hot pink tint.

Amanda Kaplan,  Contributing Editor