Are you Warm or Cool? Create your Perfect Red Lip Based on your Undertone

Every girl has a bunch of lipsticks in her beauty bag, some of which we wear all the time, and some that have disappointed us deeply. Just because we fell in love with Rihanna's Coachella look on Instagram doesn’t mean that neon violet will be an instant classic for everyone. That’s likely because the color clashes with our skin tone.  Last week we focused on encouraging redheads to forget fashion rules and go color crazy with five different shades pair with their vibrant hair. Following the rules of colorimetry, this time we’ll highlight skin tones. Regardless of your rosy cheeks or Cali tan, you can take the guess work out of finding your perfect lip color in just a few steps.


1. Identify Your Undertone

First, we need to identify whether our skin is a good match for cool or warm colors. This depends on your undertone which may be yellow, pink or neutral (both).  Take a look at your wrists.  If your veins look blue, you have a cool, pink undertone. If your veins seem green, you have a warm, yellow undertone. If they seem both greenish-blue, you might be one of the few lucky people who are neutral and look great in warm and cool colors.

2.  Find Your Color Family

Once you’ve identified your undertone remember that yellow undertones best go with warm colors such as rosey pink, fruity orange, and fire-engine red. Pink undertones pair best with a variants of purple, woody orange, and maroon reds.  


Like your skin, the colors that will be most flattering have yellow undertones.  For this reason, create colors that are based in warm pinks or oranges.  In general, some flattering bases from your FF palette to start off with are Nob Hill Red, Classic Coral, Tequila Sunrise and Cranberry.


Nob hill red + CLASSIC CORAL + tequila sunrise

As far as mixing the perfect red, beginning with Nob Hill Red is a great starting point.  From there, add your two most flattering bases: Tequila Sunrise and Classic Coral.  This will give you a warm, popping red that is sure to accent your sunny complexion.


The key to finding the perfect color for cool skin is the purple undertone. Extra bonus: purple undertones also bring out the whiteness in your teeth.  Steer clear of bases that are leaning toward orange or coral.  Generally some good starting bases on your FF palette are Flaming Fuchsia, Berry Jam, Bing Cherry and Sinful.


bing cherry + nob hill red

To mix the perfect red for your cool skin, establish the purple undertone using Bing Cherry.  From there, combine approximately the same amount of Nob Hill Red to make the shade brighter and more red.  If you want your custom color to be deeper or more purple, experiment with a touch of Berry Jam or Sinful.


Roberta Woodworth Poncesanchesz, Contributing Editor