Coachella-Inspired Lips for Festival Season

Coachella is here.  Whether you love or hate the shroom-fueled, trust-funded festival -- you must admit that this year's line up is about girl-power.  Transitively, this means that this Coachella is also about popping signature lips.  Whether you're an Azealia, a Kimbra, or a Flo, Finding Ferdinand will help you discover you're perfect festival look.  



Fierce” and fearless, hip-hop’s newest-to-the-scene lady-rapper Azealia Banks is making it big this festival season.  With this year marking her second time hitting the stage at Coachella, she’s an act you don’t want to miss.  With her vibrant cropped-tops, pencil skirts, and equally as fun plump plum lips, she’s making dark hues a continuing trend for this spring season.


berry jam + sinful + flaming fuchsia

This color is primarily Berry Jam so don't over-do it with the Sinful or Flaming Fuchsia.  A little of each will go a long way.  Sinful will deepen the purple until it is more of a wine shade. Flaming Fuchsia adds a bright overtone that translates the color well for spring.





With her dark, luscious locks, and sultry sweet voice, this queen of indie is not only showing off her alternative style with her music, but also her beauty. Kimbra is a festival princess who knows how to stay classy, but add some oomf with her lips.  This festive red-orange matte color is the perfect statement for Coachella and beyond. By adding lively pops of color and an abundance of layers to her outfit, Kimbra is the definition of indie chic.  As someone who got her kick to fame from singer Gotye, Kimbra is now making her break in the music world with her lyrics of love and lack-there-of, showing that she is no longer just “Somebody That You Used To Know”.


tequila sunrise + classic coral + cranberry

The most important thing to consider with this color is balance.  It is easy to hit Tequila Sunrise a bit too hard (as is tequila's way…). Focus on striking a balance of orange and rose undertones.



Florence Welch’s fiery red hair accompanies the flaming personality and emotion that she puts into her music. At Coachella, you’re sure to see her adorned with drapey paisley prints, and her signature, pursed coral lips. With her laid-back and easy fashion -- always paired with a felt, wide-brimmed hat -- this muse has you falling in “Cosmic Love” with billowy blouses and full length skirts.  She's like Stevie Nicks, but a red-head.  What could possibly be more awesome?  


red fantasy + classic coral + creamy mauve

Start off with a combination of Classic Coral and Creamy Mauve before slowly adding Red Fantasy.  Adding red will increase shimmer -- don't be afraid to go full-on pixie.  

Amanda Kaplan, Contributing Editor


Photos courtesy of, Tumblr (loveoflovato.tumblr),,, Tumblr (pinkcrustaceansgoodvibrations.tumblr),,,, and