Hilary Duff's Popping Poppy

Is it blue? Grey?  What about that dress -- Red? Orange? Everything about Hilary Duff's new look spirals us right back to the #thedress debacle that ended many a friendship only two short months ago. We color experts at Finding Ferdinand are committed to getting to the bottom of this one.  The poppy colored lip she debuted at the Younger Premiere after party is an orange shade that is accented by a burst of red.  As for the hair, her mermaid dye job is fading to an edgy grey-blue.  Two trendy colors in one -- good call, Hil.  The actresses hair isn't the only thing drastically changing.  Not only does the star have a new look, but also a new show on TV Land and a new single on iTunes.  One thing is for sure -- if you love Hilary during her Lizzy McGuire days, you'll be obsessed with her now.



Start with Tequila Sunrise and mix in Orange Flare until you have the perfect amount of sheer shimmer.  Next, intensify the red tones with a healthy dose of Nob Hill Red.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor


Photos courtesy of HawtCelebs, Huffington Post and Instagram (@HilaryDuff)