Last Chance to Vamp

Thank God for March.   Finally we've reached the end of slushy downtown commutes, $10 coat checks and salt-stained suede boots.  However, as the season comes to a close, we must also part with our favorite winter accessory.  No, we're not talking about your arctic fox cape.  The beginning of March marks your last chance to vamp.  Pair your last days of rosy cheeks and cozy scarves with a deep oxblood lip before we all trade our plums for pastels.  

In memoriam of true vamp style, click the links to our favorite beauties from the Color Guide: Beyonce, Lorde, Naomi Watts.



Balance Bing Cherry and Berry Jam according to your preference for a red base or a purple base.  Bing Cherry creates a blood red color while Berry Jam is more plum.  For your reference, the first photo in the gallery is more Bing Cherry based while the second two rely more heavily on Berry Jam.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor