How to Avoid Color Catastrophes this St. Patrick's Day

Color-themed holidays are conflicting for everyone involved.  On one hand, how cute would some subtle green eyeshadow be? On the other, does it look like I'm contracting conjunctivitis? This St. Patricks Day, let the Finding Ferdinand blog be your Crisis Avoidance Guide.  First lesson:  If you feel compelled to brush green power, or sparkles, or creme, anywhere near your beautiful face, please don't.  Those Olivia Wilde Revlon ads will try to convince you -- don't be led astray.  A pair of festive emerald earrings will fully communicate that you do, indeed, recognize what day it is.  In terms of makeup, keep it classic.  Besides Christmas, St. Patty's is the only holiday designated for the all-time best color combo -- Red and Green.  Take advantage.  With a classic crimson pout, you won't need to be Irish to get a kiss this year.  Check out Sarah Hyland and Lupita Nyong'o for sophisticated emerald and rogue pairings.  



For a deep, raspberry red begin with a Bing Cherry Base.  Ease the color away from being to purple by balancing with Tequila Sunrise.  Use Nob Hill Red to lighten up the shade so it doesn't become too heavy.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor


Photos courtesy of The Huffington Post, Popsugar, Finding Ferdinand, Express, and Reveal