What's Your Aura Say About You?

A short story on how I got into aura colors. Enjoy!

Nhu Le, Founder of Finding Ferdinand

This past weekend I visited Magic Jewelry. A small shop located in Chinatown, NY. I've been wanting to go for a while after hearing from all of my friends tell me how fun it was to get their auras taken. Magic Jewelry is a well known spot in NY. You'll almost always find a line or people waiting around to get their auras taken along with picking out crystals afterwards. I didn't realize it was such a thing, but that's usually how it is in NY. New things are always popping up and people are always looking for meaning and guidance is this crazy busy city. 

I planned out my Chinatown day as a date night because I thought it would be a fun activity. Then we would spend the night exploring little hole in the wall spots in Chinatown together. I'm pretty sure my suited finance guy thought I was a little crazy, but what have I got to lose? As Taylor Swift's Blankspace goes, "I could show you incredible things..."

He picks me up and we head down towards Chinatown to Lafayette and Canal. This place is directly off of Canal with a sign out front that advertises aura photos for $8, but it's really $20 without any other purchases. CASH ONLY! Surprisingly, there's only 2 other girls in the shop. They look like they're from Brooklyn because they're super trendy looking. Brooklynites have this aura about them... that says, "I'm from Brooklyn." That's how I know. 

The old Chinese lady comes around from the counter and asks us if we want our auras taken. She immediately starts getting us hot tea in little foam cups. It's definitely an experience. She motions us over into a little corner behind a wooden shelf where we're suppose to sit down and put our hands on a these metal plates. I go first because the guy is a little hesitant. I irrationally decide to take off my rings because I'm afraid of getting electrocuted. I couldn't really tell what was happening, and before I knew it, it was over and she pulled out a polaroid and set it aside. Then it was the guy's turn. Again, within seconds it was over for him. She then motioned us over to the glass counter and we sat on the stools across from her. Aura readings just tell you what your energy and emotional state is, and not really a physic reading. Although it does show what your energy level was in the past 2 weeks and what it will be in the future 2 weeks. 

Like a polaroid, it takes a little time to process before you can reveal the image. She reveals mine first and bursts out with an, "OHHH." It kind of freaks me out, and I'm like, WHAT? She says it's so Blue! That's very rare. You are very calm and peaceful. You are emotional and sensitive. You feel a lot. I nod my head in agreement because I'm a Scropio, and totally have emotional ups and downs. My guy's aura photo is revealed next, and she bursts out with another "OHHH." At this point we both look at each thinking the same thing. This woman has her act down and probably does this to everyone. His aura isn't as bright as mine and kind of dark with a pink halo. She shakes her head and says he needs rest and healing. You need more sleep! I look at him perched over the counter, and think the exact same thing. This poor guy. His job is probably killing him with all the hours he's been working.

All in all, it was a ton of fun for us to have this experience. We hand her two $20 bills, and walk out discussing how she's probably not going to report the tax on it. 

Get A photo of your aura and start experimenting with these lipstick colors to match it! 


Meaning: Energy, action, leadership, innovation

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Nob Hill Red + Bing Cherry

Red Kendall.jpg


Meaning: Optimism, confidence, emotional warmth

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Tequila Sunrise + Classic Coral


Meaning: Communication, creativity, mental agility, gregariousness

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Classic Coral + Orange Flare

coral yellow lips.jpg


Meaning: Love, kindness, peacefulness, a love of nature, a need for harmony

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Flaming Fuchsia + Pink Pizzazz


Meaning: Affection, compassion, strong spirituality

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Cranberry + Flaming Fuchsia + Magenta Pop

Pink caralina.jpg


Meaning: Consideration, idealism, ethical values, spiritual knowledge

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Berry Jam + Sinful + Bing Cherry


Meaning: Love, psychic ability, intuition, spiritual purpose

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Berry Jam + Mauvelous + Nob Hill Red


Meaning: Spiritual evolution, connection with the Divine, humanitarianism

Finding Ferdinand Colors: Au Naturel

Nude Lips.jpg