Grammys: Sia's Pop of Crimson

It's almost impossible to have a stunning beauty look without actually showing your face, but somehow Sia pulled it off.  The singer's three major accessories at the 2015 Grammy Awards included a 12-year-old mini-me, the worlds largest cotton ball, and a popping red lip.  At Finding Ferdinand, we encourage women to use the lips as a focal point for the entire look.  Sia took this advice very literally.  That being said, nothing packs a bigger punch than a bright red pout -- not even a cumulus wig.  


Red Fantasy + Tequila Sunrise + Classic Coral

Focus mostly on balancing Red Fantasy and Tequila Sunrise, which account for the red and orange tones, respectively.  If you wish to intensify the subtle pink undertones, slowly incorporate Classic Coral.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor


Photos courtesy of GoFugYourself and Us Magazine