NY Fashion Week: The 3.1 Phillip Lim Look

Phillip Lim, the founder and Creative Director of 3.1 Phillip Lim, is widely known for his clean modern aesthetic and this season for NY Fashion Week, he continues with this trend while adding in a classic deep red lip on his runway. The headshots of the models in the photo show a brighter red, but when you look at it in normal lighting, the lip color is actually more of a vamp. 

Play around with some of these color combos from our Starter Kit: 

  • Nob Hill Red + Bing Cherry + Tequila Sunrise
    • This combo will give you a bright red that represents the lip colors when taken under a bright light. 
  • Sinful + Berry Jam
    • This combo is on a darker side and will give you a vamp look. 
  • Bing Cherry + Berry Jam 
    • Also on the darker side, but more on the red spectrum. 

Play around with these combos and make them your own by adding in more colors for fun! 

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