Temptation Yoo Se Young Lipstick Color

The latest Korean Drama Temptation is all about the femme fatale, Yoo Se Young. She's a millionaire that pays off a man's debt and forces him into her submission. The power roles are reversed in this K Drama, as the female takes the lead. 

K-dramas have a set number of episodes, so every story has a succinct ending unlike American soap operas. This one may be a time suck, but it's still airing every week, so you can't binge watch after episode 6. 

You can watch Temptation for free on DramaFever. 

Get the Temptation Look: 

Nob Hill Red + Cranberry

Add Cranberry for a punch of pink under the Nob Hill Red. If you want it more of a coral shade, then add a bit of Classic Coral into the mix. 

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