Christian Louboutin's Iconic Red Pout

In a competition for most classic use of red, lips, nails, and the iconic Louboutin sole run neck and neck.  Our question: why do we need to choose?  Louboutin's red sole has been around since the fashion gods created it in 1991, now womankind can enjoy the same rouge luxury on their fingers.  Complete the holy trinity with a sexy red pout a la Finding Ferdinand.

Get The Look:

Nob Hill Red + Tequila Sunrise + Bing Cherry

It is quintessential that undertones of orange and purple balance to maintain a pure red shade.  Try to maintain an even ratio between each of the three colors.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor


Photos courtesy of UltraLinx (Pintrest), Vogue, and Polished Nail Bar (Pintrest)