Queen Bey's Signature Burgundy

No one loves a deep burgundy lip more than Beyonce, except maybe… us.  With her upcoming On The Run Tour and HBO concert mini-series, Beyonce: X10, the Queen's sultry look is taking over the world.  Whether on stage, behind the camera, or stomping the red carpet, Beyonce is never at a lipstick loss.  Here's to girl power and finding a flawless signature shade. 

Get The Look:

Sinful + Bing Cherry

Add more Sinful to deepen the color.  To intensify the red base, continue to mix in Bing Cherry.  For a more plum-based burgundy, substitute Bing Cherry for Berry Jam.

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Melanie Schnell, Editor


Photos courtesy of Vogue UK, Harpers Bazaar, and Chic Chicks