Jessica Alba Bright Pink Lips

Jessica Alba rocks this bright summer pink and so can you! Bright pink lips are perfect as the weather heats up because it'll be the only accessory and makeup you'll want to wear!

 Mix the following to recreate and edit the lipstick color. 

Pink Pizzazz + Magenta Pop + Flaming Fuschia

Combining Pink Pizzazz and Magenta Pop first will be more pink and adding in Flaming Fushcia will help bring the color more purple. Magenta Pop is the only color in our palette that is a matte base, so it'll be less creamy, but more intense in it's color. Take out Flaming Fuchsia entirely if you want to stay more pink, and add in more Flaming Fuchsia if you want to be more purple, which is in line with the "Radiant Orchid" trend this year. 

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