Kylie Jenner's Mauvey Lips

Kylie Jenner lips have been the talk of the town. Her plump lips have a twitter handle for itself #kyliejennerlips and have been trending for months now! Apparently the trick to her plump lips is makeup! No kidding?! 

If you're on the scout for this mauvey lip color to recreate Kylie Jenner's lip, then look no further. 

1. Use your Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit lip brush and mix these two colors: 

Mauvelous + Sinful

Use more of Mauvelous first and slowly mix in Sinful to get the color degree you want. 

2. Use the lip brush and begin to line your lips. You can draw out beyond your lip line to get bigger and fuller lips. 

3. Fill in the rest of your lips with color. 

TIP: If you want to create an ombre look, use more of Sinful on the outside and blend in Mauvelous towards the center. 

4. Always BLOT with a tissue. This helps the color stay put. If you want it more matte, then keep blotting!