Congratulations to the cast of Hidden Figures for taking home the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture! Congratulations are also due to Octavia Spencer who won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

We absolutely loved watching this uplifting film on screen and learning more about the real life story of Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Katherine Johnson, the Black women who did the calculations that sent America into space in 1962. 

Even accomplished astronaut Yvonne Cagle was inspired by the story saying, "It's my story. It's your story. It's our story. It's a conversation that talks about: Even with limited thinking, dreaming is limitless."

Check out the podcast on NPR below.

These three ladies were truly game changers within NASA and remain important to the conversation about women in STEM careers today

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe did a great job portraying the strength, courage, and smarts of these three women... but we wouldn't be FFgirls if we didn't also notice how well they rocked statement lip colors on screen.

This week, we encourage you to channel your inner Mary, Dorothy, and/or Katherine: Listen to the podcast, try one of the lip colors from the movie below, stare in the mirror, and tell yourself, "I can go to the moon if I want to. I can do anything."


Use your Starter Kit or create a custom mix using the Finding Ferdinand colors listed in the photo captions below. (If you're on mobile, rotate your screen to see the color descriptions under the photo.)





Brittney Jackson Moseley, FF Marketing


How to Make Custom Lipstick On-The-Go!

Notice anything new yet familiar in the App Store? Perhaps an app that allows you to create your own lipstick?

Thats us! We're so excited to bring you the new Custom Lipstick & Beauty app so that you can create custom lip colors with our Color Mixing Tool™ on-the go.

You know the drill.


In the Color Mix tab, select up to four base colors.


Adjust the opacity of each base color you chose until the swatch at the top of the screen shows a mix you love.

Tap "Mix Name" to give your color its own identity. Think about what the hue reminds you of. Name it after yourself or your other favorite human. Make it your mantra so you have a constant reminder to be the best you when you wear it. It's all up to you.



In the Your Colors tab, gaze upon the fabulous colors you've created. Pat yourself on the back for your creativity.

Swipe the saved color from right to left to either (a.) add it to your cart or (b.) delete the color from your list.


When you tap "BUY" you will be asked to select your finish. Choose between creamy, matte, or sheer*. Then, select the size you would like to purchase.

*If you select a full-sized sheer lip color, you will receive a Quick Stick.


You will be taken to the Finding Ferdinand website where you can complete your purchase or shop around more if you would like.


In the Trending tab, explore the latest in the world of lipstick and discover the looks that work best for you.

Tap "SAVE THIS COLOR" to add a trending color to your list in the Your Colors tab.

***BONUS: You can also use the app to virtually mix the colors before you mix with your Starter Kit. When you recreate the color with your lip palette, be sure to start with the lighter colors first and build slowly with the darker colors in your selection. This technique will help you make sure you don't overshoot the color you desire.***

We can't wait to see the colors you create!

Already have the Custom Lipstick & Beauty app? Let us know what you think. Send us your feedback or submit a question here.

FF In the News: Holiday jams, gifting, Teen Vogue, and more!

The holiday season is upon us, FF girls

If you follow us on Snapchat or saw our Insta-Stories, you know all too well that we’ve been playing "Christmas in Harlem" on repeat for about a week now. 

You can say we’re getting into the holiday spirit. But we’re also celebrating a great year at Finding Ferdinand and three recent features in popular gift and travel guides online! Check them out below.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 3.20.31 PM.png

It's Personal: 20 Ways to Customize the Perfect Gift



Get in the spirit with us - grab a peppermint mocha, put on your favorite holiday jams, and start gifting.

Fashion Lawyer Marche Robinson on personal style and feeling powerful

FFGirls know that having great style is important everywhere -- the office is no exception.  Fashion Lawyer and blogger Marche Robinson of The Robinson Style met with us to talk beauty, professionalism and feeling powerful. Hint: red lipstick helps.

Finding Ferdinand: So what exactly is Fashion Law?

Marche Robinson: Fashion law encompasses a lot of different areas of law and how they function in the fashion industry. An example that everyone has heard of is copyright infringement. For instance, knock-off versions of handbags infringe on designs of well-known designers. Other elements include employment litigation that involves big brands or contract disputes. While fashion law seems very specific, every area of law is still occurring in the fashion industry.

FF: How and when did you know you wanted to pursue fashion law?

MR: I always loved fashion and when I went to law school I didn’t know which area to go into. I really liked healthcare and my technical “day-job” is health care law. I started writing about fashion when I was in law school. After I graduated college, Fordham University actually created a concentration in fashion law. I definitely would have loved to take that but it just didn’t exist when I was in school. I started joining groups and following blogs about fashion law to learn more. I realized all these different disputes that we learned about also occur in the fashion industry. It was a natural progression into fashion law because it all uses the same set of skills.

FF: How do you balance a career in law with life as a fashion blogger and stylist?

MR: I will say that my work/life balance has gotten a lot better in the last year. Since I have started working remotely I have been much more motivated to focus on the blog and styling. Working in an office is not very conducive to blogging because it’s uncomfortable to multitask personal projects. Working remotely definitely gives me more time to multitask. For example, I can take 20 minutes to write or pop out for a quick shoot over my lunch break. It takes a lot of hustle to maintain a blog, especially when it comes to scheduling with photographers. I have a few friends who take my photos for me and when they’re free, I’m free. There is truly never a dull moment.  It’s fun to have that hustle. We need to hurry up and take pictures then get back to work. 

FF: How do beauty and style fit into your professional life?

MR: That’s another thing about working remotely. When I work in the office I try to look confident and capable without being distracting. In corporate America you always have to toe the line of loving fashion, looking stylish and being taken seriously. Now that I don’t have to go to the office my look has shifted from very niche professional attire to more casual, everyday.

FF: What lipstick color makes your feel powerful?

MR: Definitely red. I love red lipstick. I feel like people didn’t use to wear bright lipstick like blue and purple but I love that they are now, and I love it. People are way more expressive. Red lipstick changes the whole game.

Interview by Melanie Schnell

Photography provided by Marche Robinson

[They] Tried It! Jillian Ruffo from People.com Tests Finding Ferdinand Lipstick

Great news FF Girls! Finding Ferdinand was just featured in People.com with custom foundation brand, MATCHCo as a part of their ongoing "We Tried It" series.

We're so happy that Assistant Beauty Editor, Jillian Ruffo had a great experience creating her Mini samples, declaring

"...It’s safe to say I’ll be using Finding Ferdinand as my go-to lipstick source from now on — and with the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect personalized gift for friends and family."

Check out the excerpt below and visit People.com/style to read the full article.


Try your hand at creating your own signature color made just for you... or for a special someone.

ICYMI: Finding Ferdinand Featured in Fast Company

The FF team is excited to announce that we were featured in Fast Company's MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES blog! 

In "Is Customization The Future Of The Beauty Industry?" Rena Rafael discusses how startups and big brands alike are striving to provide customers with products tailored just for them. 

Check out the excerpt below featuring quotes from Founder, Nhu Le, and learn about the writer's experience creating a vampy purple color she calls "The Seduction of John Stamos."

Excerpt from Fast Company: https://www.fastcompany.com/3064239/most-innovative-companies/is-customization-the-future-of-the-beauty-industry.

Excerpt from Fast Company: https://www.fastcompany.com/3064239/most-innovative-companies/is-customization-the-future-of-the-beauty-industry.

Want to create a custom color of your own? Click the button below to create a shade that's uniquely you.

Fashion Week Favorites: London and Milan

One of the best and worst parts of living in New York is that everywhere we look, we are spoiled by delicious food, beautiful clothing, interesting people, you name it.  It's really true that the more you have, the more you want.  While we love watching the fashion week festivities here at home, we can't help but pine over the beautiful collections showing in London, Milan and soon Paris.  With NYFW long behind, we wanted to take this opportunity for sartorial tourism.  We invite you to follow us through our favorite trends in London and Milan.

1. Patches at Peter Pilotto -- London

Finding Ferdinand 'Magenta Pop' Lip Color
Add To Cart

There is something so wonderfully DGAF about London fashion that we just don't have in New York.  With a prominent history of sartorial counterculture, London fashion designers never shy away from a colorful patch, metal spike or ripped hemline.  As longtime fans of DIY fashion and beauty, we feel like London just gets us.  Peter Pilotto understands just how chic a pair of grass-stained jeans can be after some strategic patch placement.  Want some insider info?  Get ready to cover your computer, notebooks and palettes with new FF stickers launching this Fall. Shhh don't tell.

2. Glammie Jammies at Fendi -- Milan

Finding Ferdinand 'Pillowtalk' Lip Color
Add To Cart

Any outfit that makes the fresh-outta-bed look appear intentional makes our shortlist.  Lightweight, silky blouses are literally our jam(mies). Not to mention, we are suckers for powdery pinks and blues (have you seen the FF website?!). Italian fashion has a knack for combining effortlessness and style.  Any country that spends three hours per day having a siesta understands the importance of slouchy, silky fashion bliss.  When can I move?

3. Rich Textures at Roksanda -- London

Finding Ferdinand 'Your Majesty' Lip Color
Add To Cart

Similar to our pigeon neighbors here in Manhattan we find ourselves immediately drawn to everything SHINY. We love Roksanda's ability to continuously offer a beautiful yet simple combination of the richest colors and textures.  This is pure luxury -- lush materials, comfortable designs, dynamic silhouettes and warm, vital colors.  If we could wear this collection everyday, we would in a heartbeat.

Written by Melanie Schnell

Photos from Vogue Runway

Emmy Winner Joanna Fang on beauty, identity and putting yourself out there

At Finding Ferdinand, not only do we love colorful lipstick, but also colorful people.  Along with being a beauty enthusiast, Joanna Fang is an Emmy Award winner for sound design and one of the only out transgender women in her field.  Joanna and the rest of the Cartel Land sound team hit the red carpet in Los Angeles on September 12. Leading up to her big debut, Joanna took the time to chat with us about makeup, the film industry, and finding the perfect color.

FF: When and how did your love of beauty begin?

JF: My love for beauty began really in middle school.  Growing up in the closet as a transgender woman, the first time I got to play with makeup was for the annual school musical.  The theater moms had everyone purchase a Ben Nye theatrical makeup kit and insisted every cast member (boys included!) learn how to apply basic foundation, liner, lipstick, and powder. Needless to say, I was the only “guy” who took it rather seriously and put on full makeup every single night of the musical.  Imagine just one of the barbershop quartet members wearing full makeup during a production of the Music Man.   I remember my friend Christi turned to me and said “dude you look like a drag queen,” I took it as a high compliment.  I kept that makeup kit hidden in my room for the duration of middle school and high school and experimented with it when I could.  It was one of the very few ways I could quietly express my gender identity, and it would constantly give me hope that one day I could leave my room wearing exactly what I want.  

FF: What were your first experiences with beauty products and the beauty industry?

JF: Throughout college, I dated a freelance film makeup artist and she taught me a lot of techniques and introduced me to more specialty beauty products -- stuff far beyond the middle school musical requirements.  All of the makeup lessons I gleaned from watching trans vlogger Princess Joules late at night finally came out of the closet along with me.  It was pretty scary walking into Sephora for the first time, albeit “mancognito” and having to nervously try on a few BB creams.  It was, in a lot of ways, my first forays into embracing the more difficult and public parts of my transgender identity.  Now I can walk into a retail store confident in my customer rights and in my purchases.  One Stila eyeliner please.  

The other experiences I have with the beauty industry is pretty tangential.  I am a professional Foley artist working on film and television.  A Foley artist for those of you who don’t know, is someone who performs sound effects in sync to a moving image.  Basically, I perform the sounds that actors make on set: footsteps, props, etc.  The difficulty in the job is having a large breadth of experience to draw from: what does it sound and feel like to put on lipstick? How about mascara?  I often debate with my male colleagues on the “feel” of putting on makeup, whether it’s the wetness of mascara on the eyelids or the tackiness of certain matte applicators.  Translating those to audible sounds is what makes my job hard, and more often times I have to “cheat” the sound by creating something over the top that better represents the experience.   In the end, if I do my job right, you won’t even realize we did anything at all.  

FF: How does using makeup affect the way you see yourself?

JF: I find it pretty fundamental to my being.  Makeup was always one of those things growing up that I had to love and practice in secret.  As an out transwoman, it’s empowering and essential for me to be proudly femme and bare my makeup in all of its glory.  Although i’ll be real, most of the time, all I need is a bit of lipstick and maybe some eyeliner.  It’s pretty amazing to see myself in the mirror and say “yep, that’s finally me staring back at me”.  

FF: What are you planning for your Emmy Awards beauty look?

JF: My girlfriends and I were debating a few things.  I’m wearing a blue Vera Wang chiffon gown with guipure lace trim in a deep blue, with silver and blue accessories.  My earrings are of the dangling variety.  As a person of East Asian descent, my skin tone doesn’t give me too much color latitude especially with such glamorous earrings and such specific color dress. With the added jewelry,  I have to focus on either having exquisite lips or elaborate eyes.  Lipstick is my signature makeup of choice, so the debate is tough.  I’m hiring professional makeup artist Quendie Joy to help sort the options with me.  At this point in time, I’m thinking a deep matte plum lipstick that doesn’t necessarily match the shade of the dress (that’d be just a touch strange if it did), and simple smokey eyes.   My hair will be up.  In a lot of ways, the entire look is an embrace to my round face shape.  

FF: What are your thoughts as you approach your big red carpet moment?

JF: I’m mostly nervous.  On one hand, I hope my sound team wins and we go home with an Emmy.  However, that’s asking for a lot when we’ve already done something incredible.  I never got to go to prom as a woman, so this is in a lot of ways, my big debut to the world as Joanna Fang.  I’m one of the very few transgender people working in the film-sound industry.  I like to hope that by being out and proud, confident and strong, I can help prove that it’s possible to have your career and be true to oneself.  I am proof that transfolks exist in nearly every facet of the world, whether in front of the camera or behind it.  I think Sarah McBride said it best as the DNC this year, one’s dreams and identity do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Be sure to check out the documentary Cartel Land on Netflix as well as tune in to the 2016 Emmy Awards on September 18 to cheer on Joanna and her team.  You can follow Joanna on Instagram at @redefining_fangness.

Photography by Kat Delby

Interview conducted by Melanie Schnell


Girl Crush on FLOTUS: Why we love Michelle Obama

As the presidential election approaches us, and the Obamas prepare to leave the White House, we pay tribute to one of the most iconic First Ladies, Michelle Obama. Here are four reasons we love Michelle Obama. 


1. Her Let's Move campaign that addresses our generation's dilemma of obesity and nutrition. We all love beauty here and know that beauty begins with how we treat our bodies. Let's eat healthy nutritional foods to help us be beautiful inside and out!

2. Her toned arms. We would KILL to have her toned arms, and love how she shows them off in designer frocks. Nothing like showing off your best assets!

3. Her relationship with Barack. She's a role model for all young girls and her marriage is a prime example of a balanced relationship and respect for each other. 

4. Her CAN DO attitude. She's always up for the challenge and inspires us to get up and do more with our lives. 

Michelle Obama, we'll miss you as FLOTUS!





Best Lipstick Colors For A Middle Eastern Wedding

A recent trip to London and a wedding later, we got a glimpse into the Middle Eastern world where beauty and style consists of women in head wraps and THE BEST MAKEUP. 

We caught up with London based makeup artist, Natasha Malik, and here's what she has to say about finding the best lipstick shades for Middle Eastern women. 

"Warm toned lipsticks are easiest to work as they suit olive skin tones. Orange is always a fave for my clients as an alternative to a red lip. Warm pinks are hard to find, so I mostly always mix colours to match my client skin tone. Also, I think that people forget that they can mix lipsticks to get the colour they want." 

Check out Natasha Maliks Instagram and book her if you're in London. She's great at color play and will definitely make sure you look chic. 



Finding Ferdinand Team

Forget The Hamptons. Head To These 5 PINK Beaches

Anyone can go to any boring old beach, but FF girls set sails to pink beaches around the world. We fell in love with 5 pink sand beaches, and we know you'll love them, too.

1. Harbor Island - Bahamas

Pink sand stretching for three miles - what more can you ask for? This is the secret that the Bahamas had been hiding all along.

2. Balos Lagoon Beach - Crete, Greece

Take a cruise in Greece to the Balos Lagoon for warm waters and pink sand. 

3. Barbuda Island - Caribbean Sea

The Twin Islands of Barbuda and Antigua hold a special secret: the west coast of Barbuda is home to a pink beach. It's a must-see when heading to the Caribbean. 

4. Budelli - Sardinia, Italy

The island of Budelli is the home of Spiaggia Rosa, which can be translated literally into Pink Beach. Enjoy the shopping in Milan and relaxation on the shores of Budelli.

5. Komodo National Park - Indonesia

Last, but certainly not least, is a rainbow beach sprinkled with pink sand. Komodo, one of the many islands of Indonesia, is home to not only the Komodo dragon, but also this tropical paradise. 

With all these amazing, dreamy beaches, the Finding Ferdinand team can't pick which beach we want to go to first! Can you?


Finding Ferdinand Team

5 Colors Trending This Spring

If you're having problems picking the right colors this Spring, then look no further. Finding Ferdinand's color database has the top 5 lipstick colors women are making right now!

Weather warming colors include mixes with orange bases that gives a corally pink output.


Finding Ferdinand Color Team