Entrepreneurship: Love in February.... Love in Life... Love in Work?

Since it's February, love seems to be all around us! Good or bad, I don't know, but you decide if you want to be happy and love!

A common thing I hear a lot is LOVING what you do. I get told that often after I started Finding Ferdinand. People tell me how lucky I am to do what I love. Yes, it's a lot of fun and I actually do love what I do, but I'm not always IN love with what I do. I say this because I don't think it's fair for everyone else out there working hard in their own way. Everyone has a path, and it doesn't mean that the work you do every day has be something you love. There is a down side to loving your work :) 

Here's the downside to loving work and questions I find myself asking: 

1. What is an Out Of Office Reply???

Yes, I get to work from anywhere, but that isn't really true. Every where I travel, I constantly have to maximize the time that I'm there, so I line up a bunch of meetings and events. 

I'm always on my phone. I'm the person who has the phone out on the dinner table because it gives me anxiety to not be able to see what's going on with my company. It's still in the infancy stages, so I want to make sure it's alive. 

Even when I get home at night, I automatically open my laptop because I don't know where to end things. 

2. My girl's night out has decreased significantly. Is this supposed to happen in your 20's??? 

I'm always in communication with people all day long, but it gets lonely because there are frustrations in my head concerning the vision of the company and executing it, but hard to discuss with many people since I'm the only founder. I have to tell people what to do every day and it's more task oriented because that's what is required initially to get projects completed. 

3. Holy crap, am I becoming Hunchback of Notre Dame???

I find myself in constant need of a massage. Muscles tend to tense when you're always hunched over your laptop. 

4. Whoa, do I have yellow teeth from all the coffee I'm drinking???

I admit to having problems sleeping. Can't seem to shut off the brain at night, but I did start doing yoga on a regular basis to help with this. The one hour in my day that I don't think. Weird problem, but it happens! 

Then I drink a ton of coffee to make up for lack of sleep. It's a vicious cycle. I'm working on this one. 

February is a short month, and in my mind, means less time to do more. Constantly fighting the test of time and constantly thinking that this is such a wonderful opportunity that I don't want to squander it away! 

It's not all L-O-V-E all the time :) 

I'm not superwoman, so just sharing the real deal because it's not always glamorous. 

Love the life you have. If you don't love it all the time, it's OK too. 

These are images of Lisbon, Portugal. I'll be there for Valentine's Day weekend and going to consider putting an OoO reply :-D

Hang on Little Tomato is the soundtrack playing in my head for this month as we get through some gruesome deadlines. 

There are days where I wear NO makeup, work in yoga attire, and carry my yoga matt around. Just like everyone, I'm running around NYC like a crazy bag woman :) 

There are days where I wear NO makeup, work in yoga attire, and carry my yoga matt around. Just like everyone, I'm running around NYC like a crazy bag woman :)