Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned From My First Photo Shoot

Everyone knows great photos are crucial to sales... At least I believe this. Look around you and see the the amount of detail that goes into product advertising. 

Part of my secret business plan involves projects that I think will be fun and interesting with fun and interesting people. It's extremely satisfying to be able to bring a group of people together and produce beautiful photographs! 

Here are the lessons learned from my first photo shoot recruiting/organizing a team of 5. 

1. Bring people together that you think will work well together.  

If you want things to run smoothly, then try your best to identify people you think will work well together. I knew each person separately, but I was unsure how everyone would jive together, so before I confirmed everyone's position in this group (photographers and models), I invited the ladies out to a happy hour/dinner where we all sat down and got to know each other. This turned out to be a ton of fun. The girls got to share their stories and also brainstorm ideas for the photo shoot. Both photographers and models had input and agreed on the type of clothing, makeup, props, and locations for the photo shoot. 

2. Scope out locations, set up back up locations....and maybe ask for permission ;) 

Location is extremely important because you need good lightening if you're doing a less expensive photo shoot. I had everyone present a minimum of 3 locations and confirmed with the photographers (because they are the expert in lighting and other pretty stuff I have no idea about) on final locations.

We didn't physically visit the locations due to time limitation, but this is  highly recommended. We had to move locations a few times because we lightening was too bad.  

Permission.... I am a proponent of just doing things.. the worst thing that could happen is that you get kicked out. Unfortunately some of the girls with me were scared and wouldn't go into places without asking.... my secret plan was to have them shoot while I distracted security. Didn't work out too well when your team is afraid to break the rules. 

3. Plan meticulously about people, time, and location

I made an excel sheet detailing out the location, time, people, and colors and sent it out in advance to team. Everyone needs to know where and when they need to me.  

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!

Confirm, double confirm, text, email, call their boyfriends... do whatever it takes to make sure your team is contact with you. You need to make sure everyone is on location and on time so that you can fit in the shots, get great photos before the sun goes down or before you get kicked out of a place.  

Overall, it was stressful, fun, and great photos were taken. I am thankful to the amazing girls who all participated and executed this project. Now you have insight into content creation and how hard it is!