Finding Ferdinand Is Hiring!

Finding Ferdinand is looking for Sales Associates! 

As most people close to me know, I'll be in Asia visiting manufacturing companies for the next few weeks. I fly out on Sept 15th, so all interviews must be THIS WEEK! 

I'm frantically writing this blog post as 2 girls are coming in for their interviews....ekk!

 Here's the job description: 

Finding Ferdinand is looking to hire a couple part-time sales associates, Friday- Sunday. Times and availability are flexible and we do require a minimum of 5 hour block commitments. You will be joining our team to events and markets to meet with our clients. 

As a Finding Ferdinand Sales Associate, you'll be trained on our basic color palettes and learn how to mix colors. We're looking for women who are creative and have an interest in CREATION. The passion to connect with other women, bond, and produce a color that compliments her skin, style, and personality is a must. 

If you have the passion and interest, Finding Ferdinand will help you learn about cosmetics and train you on becoming successful. 

  • Learn about Finding Ferdinand's color palettes and mixing colors.
  • Travel to events and marketplaces.
  • Consult with women on complimentary colors based on colors they normally wear, skin tone, and looks they aspire to obtain.
  • Learn how to interview clients. Finding Ferdinand is more than just cosmetics. We want all our associates to be able to connect with people and support each other on the journey to becoming our best selves. 

We look forward to bringing on smart and beautiful women to join our team. 

If you are interested or have friends you that may be interested in joining Finding Ferdinand in the initial stages of a cosmetics startup, please reply or forward on this email. 

For questions and comments, feel free to reach out directly to me: