Entrepreneurship: Negotiations Lost in Translation

I have been in negotiations with a few different manufacturers and not all of them are in the US. What does this mean? Funny emails and conversations :) 

Here are some funny responses I've received:

1. "Sorry I was late for our call, I had to go buy fruit and worship the ghost."

I know exactly what this is. My family does this as well to honor our ancestors, but it's still funny to read through an email in English. 

2. "MR. Le......"

Despite the fact that I've already met these people in person, they keep addressing me as MR!  

3. "Oh... you have high cheekbones." 

When I got on video call for the the first time with a company, they kept commenting on my looks instead of the agenda.  

After getting past a few road bumps, I am happy to report that I have secured my materials! This wasn't easy, and I'm still in constant negotiations each month with new inventory. 

I am forever grateful to a few of them. Not only did they agree to do small minimum orders , but they also agreed to run custom projects for me. 

I have been told that I express a lot through my face, and so here is my facial expression when I get an email that is "lost in translation." 


I'm wearing Orange Flare, my favorite lipstick color at the moment. it's shiney and sheer and gives a hint of nice color. 

For those that know me, I LOVE oranges, as in the fruit. Now I love orange nail polish and orange lipstick. A new color in the line.