Getting the right products and color

Product updates from Finding Ferdinand!

To get the right product, I test out different colors and formulas that are produced by our manufacturing company. To maintain product quality, I work with an awesome chemist out in San Francisco to develop a full color range that is then coupled with my database to generate color palettes. Half of the time I'm going through colors and testing out the waxes then I move over to the technology side. Within the coming weeks, I'll be holding a few private events  and inviting people out to test out the products so that I can receive feedback.

Please sign up on my events page to participate. I'll provide drinks and snacks :)

Some snapshots of me working below. I always wear lipstick and keep it pretty simple on a daily basis. On a typical day,  I like wearing spf lotion, filling in my eyebrows, and then applying a strong lip color to pull my look together. This takes about 5 minutes, and I'm out the door. 

For my personality and skin tone, I enjoy the brighter reds. This color I'm wearing has a lot more orange which goes well with my yellowish/olive skin.