How Does a Lottery Color Work?

I've been a getting a few responses about creating colors for people who don't live in NYC, so I created a product called....

Lottery Color

A Lottery Color is for people who want to experiment with colors. It's a fun way to participate with Finding Ferdinand as we slowly launch in your city.  

*Side note: I'll be in Chicago, NYC, Dallas, and San Fran in the following weeks and here are my dates. 

Chicago   Dec 22 - Jan 12

NYC          Jan 13

Dallas       Dec 13 - Jan 2

Then I'm back in NYC and SFO is still TBD.  

Click here to check out my Scheduled Events in your city.  I'll be updating it there and sending out emails to the list serve as dates are confirmed. 

I go off on tangents from time to time, but I think it's relevant that you know I'll be in your city, so you can hit me up for some lipstick making :)  

So how does a Lottery Color work? 




Surprisingly there's a number of people out there who are super adventurous! They're hitting me up via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get a color. Now I share how one is requested and made. I will follow up in later blog posts to see what the customer has to say about her experience. 



I had fun whipping up a color based on her description. She's a young hot doctor, so based on all the events and lipstick making I've been to, I made this plum color for her to talk to patients while hitting up the town after a long shift. 

She's great reminder that all women, no matter how much they work & how tired they are, need to have fun too! 

Here's to Maneater!