Finding Ferdinand on KristenGLAM

I met Kristen Lam at an NYC fashion party thrown by Anthem Wares . It was one crazy night where the theme was Bondage wear to celebrate the artist Andrea Mary Marshall. Everyone was decked out in beautiful body jewelry and leather wear, which I absolutely love now! 

I'll follow up with more stories on the people I've met including the artist Bliss Lau and Elizabeth Sayner, the co-founder of Anthem Wares, and Sarah Spratt, the best hair colorist ever! These people were so kind to me when we first met. They listened to my business idea and invited me to their parties. 

Back to Kristen! She was having a blast taking pictures with the other bloggers when I first noticed her. These girls were super fun and welcoming. We all chatted for a bit and exchanged information. 

At this point, I was still in the process of setting up my business, so I had to travel a bit, but once I got back, the girls were still SO KIND and ready to try me out! 

I'm going to emphasize KINDNESS here because I highly value KINDNESS. Kristen and her friends are part of the reason Finding Ferdinand exists. They're open to trying new things and so encouraging. 

Check out Farnems Street Blog and scroll down to number 8, about Jeff Bezos Princeton Commencement speech. "It's harder to be kind, than clever." 

Final point here: I really appreciate girls like Kristen and Dylana :)

Do me a favor and check out Kristen's blog post. She's pretty, wears nice clothes, and down to earth. 

I'm really really happy that Finding Ferdinand gets to sit next to other awesome brands in her post!