How Chicago Stole My Heart

I'm wrapping up day 3 in Chicago, and its been non-stop. Here are my Chicago highlights and how amazing this city has been.

1. Meet Sally Schwartz

Sally Schwartz is a Chicago business woman who owns a live events and consulting firm called Image Pilots. She's the brain and beauty behind the market I participated in this past weekend, The Randolph Streets Holiday Market. This market was first brought to my attention from my NYC customers. (That's how great it is!) The Randolph Street Market brings hundreds of vintage and antique vendors together making it one of the largest vintage market in the Midwest. This place is magical. I wanted to buy everything! This is a place where the seller knows the full story behind their products. If you're in Chicago, I highly recommend checking out these markets. I'm big on buying vintage and mixing it in with my current pieces, so being here was such a treat! 

I can't get over how fabulous Sally is. She was wearing a fur shawl when I first met her and greeted me with an awesome smile. Her team executed flawlessly. They coordinated everyone and made sure we were ready to roll the moment the doors opened. There was a line outside the door with people ready to shop, that's just how awesome the Randolph Market shopping is. They have another event Dec 14-15, so if you're in Chicago, you should definitely check it out!

Here's an interview with Sally. Read up to get to know her and get her advice.

Click here to read an interview with Sally.

2. Amazing Customers

I had some customers visiting from Chicago while I was still in NYC, and these girls came back out to see me again. This meant so much to me! Finding Ferdinand customers are the best! There is a color out there called the Magnificent Mile, which I will posting online soon! 

3. Wonderful Vintage Vendors

The Randolph Streets Holiday Market has some of the best vendors I've ever met. I have been vintage shopping all over the world, and I can honestly say that the vendors here know their stuff. Evelyn Forstadt from Swell Stuff was across from me, and I wish I had all the money in the world to buy her entire store! There were beautiful dresses, brooches, and handbags that I could not take my eyes off! We ended up swapping a lipstick for a hat. Once I tried on the hat, she insisted I have it. 

4. Fabulous Finance and MBA Booth Girls

Aha! You didn't think girls in Finance or Chicago Booth Business School wear lipstick, but they do! Actually, a good amount of my customers are women in Finance and getting their MBA's. We had a lipstick party tonight and a whole slew of them made colors to wear to the office and to go out. A Booth Pink was born tonight. We drank wine, ate hummus, and made lipstick. We also talked about finance, funding, and the business model, but that's another story. One of the highlights was the NSYNC Pandora station that we jammed to as the girls googled The Kardashians to find lipstick colors. We're going out to a birthday party next week here, so I'll have pictures to share as everyone gets glammed up in our going out dresses and Finding Ferdinand lipsticks. 

5. Family

One of my older sister lives in Chicago, so having her here has been wonderful. I'll be sharing Thanksgiving with her and her boyfriend's family this year. She's also been an amazing older sister making sure I was OK at my events and brought me food and water. My schedule has been pretty hectic, so its been nice that she's taking care of me. We did a late celebration of my birthday and getting mani and pedis this week. I especially love her text messages, "Hey Nhuster, I hope today goes well!" 

Chicago is such a beautiful city. I can't get over how wonderful everyone has been.